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About “BLY”


Better Love Yourself Inc. NFP (“BLY”) Mission is to assist Young College Bound Women and Men by supplying them with pearls of Knowledge, High Learning Tools and College supplies whichwecall“BLYNecessities”.


“BLY”was established 2006 and is a 501 (c)(3)non profit organization. BLY is motivated by the need to provide first time college students with BLY Necessities to help adjust to college life.


BLY has given away over 5,500 trunks and Laptops

in seven cities across the U.S. BLY awarded several thousands of dollars in book stipends, computers and items related to dorm living to college-bound freshmen. Over the years BLY conducted workshops and seminars regarding financial management responsibility, health & wellness, and adjusting to college life. Through the years BLY has continued to mentored students throughout their college


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